Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunrise at the Eiffel Tower the Last Day of 2013

The reflections are almost worth the rain

The Tricolor over the Ecole Militaire

This year's New Year picture
Pigeon among the pansies on the walk from Trocadero to the Tower

Stitched panorama under the Tower
iPhone panorama with soldiers patrolling under the Tower

The photographer was considerably more beautiful than the bride
Only when this is blown up full size do you see all the birds, but it is a beautiful image

Having a coffee at the Cafe Kleber on my way back home

Black crows and brilliant winter light as I passed the Arc de Triomphe

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A gray day in Paris, then, about 4:30 pm, the light began to change.

A brief black and white visit to Rue Montorgueil in Paris France

Santa Claus in a lonely metro station on Saturday

The geometry of smoking

Dante arrives  with the change. The "heads" sides of euro coins identify the country they're from.

Turkeys for holiday meals. One sometimes studies their expressions.

This may be the last beret-wearing Frenchman in Paris

Women in a café

The gardens of the Palais Royal

Waiting at the Concorde Metro