Monday, November 16, 2015

A Week and Counting Since the Paris Massacre - The City Is Not Normal, But It's Still Beautiful (Updated Saturday, Nov 21, 2015)

Beefed up security around the Arc de Triomphe

A brave sentiment spelled out in Place de la République

North African entrepreneurs have set up impromptu food stands at Place de la République. Their sweet Moroccan mint tea is what keeps the broadcast crews going.

A simple tribute to "Nohemi Gonzales, Los Angeles, USA, student in Paris, Design School, Mortally wounded at this sidewalk café. 

Children lighting candles at la Casa Nostra on Friday, one week after the massacre

Roses in a bullet hole at Casa Nostra

Flags tied up as signs of mourning in a window on Ave Wagram

On Sunday evening, crowds gathered in Place de la République spontaneously, just to be out, and to be with each other

Broadcasting from Place de la République

The sky was unbelievably blue over the Ile de la Cité on Sunday

Winter light on Ile de la Cité

Waving a flag above Place de la République

In front of Casa Nostra, one of the sidewalk cafés that was shot up

The sad irony of "Happy Hour" at Le Carillon. It was still going on when the shooting started.
Doisneau's Kiss, Metro tickets with "Fluctuat Nec Mergitur" written on them, and "Amour" at Le Carillon

The Canal Saint Martin, so close to the bloodied cafes, seemed wonderfully peaceful on Sunday night

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