Friday, January 01, 2016

#Paris #France the last week of #2015, the first day of #2016

Arc de Triomphe the day after Christmas
Feeding seagulls at the Buttes-Chaumont
The bridge to the "Temple" at the Buttes-Chaumont
Street art on Quai de Jemmapes
Tribute to the dead at Le Petit Cambodge from kids at the College Sainte Marie
Winter light on "La Jeunesse" at Trocadero
Bartholdi's "Liberté" overlooking the Seine from Ile des Cygnes
The dome of Les Invalides seen through the legs of the Eiffel Tower. There is only one out of the way place I have found where you can get this perspective.
New Year's Day, the sun tries to break through the clouds.
Christmas Day dawn at the Arc de Triomphe
Christmas Day dawn on the rue de Courcelles
Cultural Chernobyl
Woman looking at the memorial notices in front of Le Carillon, one of the the cafés hit by terrorists on November 13
Oud player in the Paris Metro
Strollers near Rue de Mouzuaïa in the 19th. A wonderful forgotten corner of Paris
On top of the world, or at least of Paris, in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Now very gentrified, it was once the training ground for Al Qaeda terrorists.
On the same plane with Sacré Coeur from the Buttes-Chaumont
Still a little nervous at Café Bonne Bière, the first to reopen after the massacre
Shaken but not sunk. A skateboarder in Place de la République in front of the motto of Paris that has been with us since the 15th century
Songwriting by the lake at the Buttes-Chaumont
Raising a glass on the Quai de Jemmapes at the Hotel du Nord
Repurposing Doisneau's "The Kiss" next to the scene of the massacre at Le Carillon
French flags and halal cuisine on the way to Place de la République
Wedding photos being taken at the Eiffel Tower. 
A few days after Christmas, the crowds came out!
Librairie Farfouille in the Passage Verdeau
Looking up rue Laffitte at Sacré Coeur
Doing the books in the tent out front of Les Caves Augé on Boulevard Haussmann
Approaching "Liberty" from the back on the Île aux Cygnes (also Île des Cygnes) in the Seine.
I love this photograph. There's so much going on in it as the couple hold still for what I presume is a wedding photograph. Do they know the Eiffel Tower is right behind them?
Bateau mouche with diners passing under the Pont de Grenelle
Books for sale in the Passage Verdeau

Imperial storm troopers in a Christmas window at Galeries Lafayette.

3000 years of standing around. Rue de Sevres.
Souvenir sellers, all from Africa, at Trocadéro on New Year's Day

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