Saturday, April 18, 2015

April in Paris: Walked up to Sacré Coeur Today to Light a Candle

Started at Opéra

Through the Galerie Vivienne 

The Passage des Panoramas

I fantasize about staying in this hotel in the Passage Jouffroy

Up rue des Martyrs

Up the 250-some steps ... 

Put a large candle in front of a demure Virgin (there's a chrome Madonna, but thought her a bit much)
Up the stairs to the dome

Hadn't noticed the pigeon droppings sprouting new life before ... 

Selfies on the edge ... 

The view of Paris from the dome of Sacré Coeur

On the way down

Made a pit stop at Aux Deux Moulins, which figures in the movie "Amélie." This is in the toilet.

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