Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lighting a Candle and Chasing the Setting Sun: From St. Germain des Prés to the Louvre

I was walking by St. Germain des Prés and thought I would light another candle for my ailing friend.

It's the one on the second row near the middle, just under the little red one.
After that, I walked down Rue Bonaparte and thought, as I always think when I pass this façade, "So much for history."

And then, walking across the Pont des Arts, I saw the sun going down over the Seine, as spectacular as I have ever seen it.

7:30 pm: Walkers, runners, friends, lovers along the banks of the river. What a glorious evening.

7:34 pm: This huge red orb at the end of the quai.

7:35 pm: Now I was running, afraid I would miss the show, and saw this through the windows of the Louvre from the Cour Carré

And then, the sun was gone, and the twilight lingered for what seemed hours.

I walked through the Richelieu wing past this lonely trumpet player, took the Metro and went home.

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